Product Information

Apple Processing Machine Overview

A wide choice of fan blade sets allows different cutting thicknesses from 3.0 mm to 30 mm according to your wishes.
A wide range of dividing stars enables to cut the apples in 2 to 24 parts.
Suitable for; Bakeries, Confectionaries, Producers of delicatessen, Canneries, Hotel business, Commercial kitchens, Bio fruit products and Producers of dried fruits.

Three-step process
• Attaching the fruit by hand
• Automatic peeling and slicing
• Cutting the core out of the fruit

Technical Specifications

  • Frouit Size: 30~90 mm
  • Speed: 1400 rpm
  • Capacity: 70~100 Kg/h
  • Weight: 30kg
  • Power Consumption: 0.15 kW
  • Duty Voltage: 220~240 V 50 Hz